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Category: Kite building

As you might gather from the look on my face, the initial flight revealed a few issues. One that I was suspecting from the start and a couple of other ones.
The weather forecast predicted a hurricane, well, maybe not quite, but pretty heavy winds. So what better to do than make a super vented quad kite?!
Yes! Today I finally finished the Zaephay project. The kite is now ready to fly and I'm just waiting for the right (very) light wind conditions ... and some daylight.
Finally, finally I can see the light in the end of the tunnel! I really hope I can get this kite in the air sometime soon!
As you might have read here at the AERIALIS Kites website, the AERIALIS Kite Flyers fly A-Quads!
Finally the weekend was here and we all were heading for Gothenburg and Anders' place to make some kites!
In about six hours we hit the road heading for Gothenburg and the Team Workshop!
Last year Anders started experimenting on a new quad design for the AERIALIS Team Flyers.
In February or March next year the AERIALIS Team Flyers ...and friends are staging a workshop. But we have already started the planning
A month or so ago Anders and I talked about having a workshop in February or March next year.
After having made the templates and found the proper spars for framing, it was time for the icarex.

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