November 28, 2021 13:21


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Category: Kite building

Yes, I did find a couple of hours for progressing the Pink Project, just like I hoped for!
This time of year it's getting dark pretty early making after work flying a bit difficult. Kite making however...!
In another post I was addressing an issue to the Minimalistic kite, the one for extremely high winds. Here is how I fixed it!
After the initial flight - that turned out surprisingly well - I see a couple of things that I'd like to adjust in order to improve the overall flight characteristics.
What luck! The day after unbagging the extreme wind quad kite, the wind picked up dramatically. My schedule allowed me an hour or so flying!
Yesterday we had a storm with winds close to 26m/sec (60mhp). That's pretty extreme!
Today, no, yesterday I started a new building project. It includes fluorescent pink ripstop and an applique or two!
We're heading towards the windy season and the low pressures stack up in the west. Better add some extra venting!
I've started the planning of my next building project. It's going to be a super vented version of the WindVale, the Xtreme!
Yet another kite building project is completed, the Scrap Heap Rokkaku! Here's a quick rundown.
I did the first shots using my phone. Then I suddenly realised that my video camera was in the car!
There is not much more satisfactory than to see the kite you just build fly like you hoped.

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