Many, many years ago I visited Råbjerg Mile, and ever since I’ve always wanted to go back there to fly kites!
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Blokhus Denmark
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La Dune de Pilat is the largest sand dune in Europe. It’s in France nearby Bordeaux. But Råbjerg Mile southeast of Skagen in Denmark is Europe’s largest wandering sand dune. It moves 15 meters east each year. The approximately one square kilometre area is one of Denmark’s most famous, natural attractions. Råbjerg Mile is really worth a visit. The landscape is reminiscent of a desert, you can see the sand jump, dance and fly away.

The Råbjerg Mile is an impressive sight and is called Denmark’s Sahara. The sand area is Denmark’s largest and consists of around four million cubic meters of drifting sand and has a height of up to 40 metres.

When you get to the top, you have a fantastic view – and your shoes are full of sand. If the temperature allows it, it’s nice to go barefoot, the alternative is that you have to expect to empty your shoes of sand.

Along the entire west coast of Jutland, attempts have been made to slow down the flight of sand, but since the Råbjerg Mile was protected in 2008, it is allowed to wander freely. And the strong winds move the dunes up to 15 meters each year. It is expected to reach the Kattegat in the year 2230.

So I better hurry! In only a couple of hundred years, the whole dune will be swallowed by the sea! This year my dream is gonna come true! As soon as we drive off the ferry from Gothenburg to Fredrikshavn, we’re going to this fabulous location to … guess what… FLY KITES!

I guess I’ll bring my KAP-gear too!

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