Solo Flying the Pairs Routine – Take 2
Another trip to the flying field today, tweaking and tuning the pairs routine. It’s getting there!
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Blokhus Denmark
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The conditions today were pretty much the same as last weekend. At least when it comes to the wind. A significant breeze coming in from the sea at about 7m/sec. For some reason kind of gusty at times, but no big deal.

Today my Plan A was to tweak and tune the pairs routine, looking for the key elements, the tricky parts and getting the proportions right. I’m still flying solo, so this had to be solo flying the pairs routine once again. (Looking to fly it for real – with two pilots!)

I was also testing out the lingo. I think it’s a good thing to uniform the commands trying to avoid misunderstandings while flying. Creating descriptive and short commands will aid this. I like to shout out the sections so the other pilot/s know what section comes next. It’s a kind of preparation for what’s coming.

As mentioned before, I also like to give two commands for one … move. The first command to prepare, the second to execute.

A launch would sound something like this:

  • LAUNCH – Preparing the launch.
  • GO – (The) Launch (itself)

A turn can ‘sound’ something like this…

  • TURN – Preparing the turn.
  • GO – Performing the turn

Using preparation commands and execution commands, will make a uniformed call of commands enhancing performance and minimise misunderstandings. …IMO 👍

Still no strange looks by any of the passers by when shouting out the commands to myself. At least none that I saw.

Well, enough talking, let’s take a look at the video. This time I’ve pinpointed the different sections for you, so it should be pretty self explanatory what section you’re watching.

Solo Flying the Pairs Routine – Take 2

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