Reframing for improvement

Reframing for improvement

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Is P100 + P90 + P100 the right formula for a softer and more enjoyable ride?

In another blog post here at AERIALIS Kites, I have written a short review of the Lanyork Yellow quad kite. This kite is pretty good value for money, however after flying a few more hours I think some refinement is in place.

This kite is probably at its best in low wind conditions, but in my opinion, the leading edge is too stiff. At least for my likings and flying. I don’t know if you understand when I describe it’s flying characteristics a bit skittish. I think the LE won’t flex enough to create the “belly” I would like to catch the air and thus improving its flying and feel.

The Lanyork Yellow

So today, when cleaning kites, bags and other equipment for Danish sand, I decided to replace it’s original leading edge – Lanyork S7201 – while at it. I was looking for a more flexible version and picked up two Skyshark P100 rods and one P90. The I put a ferrule into each of the P100 rods and put all the rods together with the P90 one in the middle … for flexibility.

Original framing

The frame immediately felt softer and more springy. I haven’t had time to fly it yet, but I’ll be back with another post as soon as I find the time.

So stay tuned… and while waiting, go fly a kite! 👍

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    1. Yes, I hope so and I think so. The frame got significantly more flexible and hopefully this will increase its belly and add to the performance.

      Hopefully I’ll get a chance to fly it tomorrow, so stay tuned!

      1. Got the chance to fly the Lanyork Yellow s few minutes in its upper wind range today.

        The reframing has certainly made a significant improvement to the kite’s flying characteristics, but I will have to fly it in lower winds before I make any conclusions.

        However, I suspect I have to do some bridle tinkering too.

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