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Same sail, new frame and a somewhat adjusted bridle makes for a complete change of flying characteristics. …to the better!

Do you remember this post from a few days ago? I had just re-framed a quad kite of mine to improve its flying. I took it out for a spin and it was definitely better to fly.

The Lanyork Yellow
The Lanyork Yellow

However I thought there was still room for improvement. I took a closer look at the bridle and found it to be very tight. Actually so tight the LE was bending when the kite was assembled.

So yesterday I started fiddling with the bridle.

Bridle fiddling
Bridle fiddling

First I lengthend line A quite a bit. Originally it was about three cm. After fiddling it was about 12cm, making it slack when the kite is assembled.

It seemed that the Skyshark rods were a tad longer than the originals making these B legs going too tight. So the next step was to lengthen the legs B as well.

I could do that without any bridle string cutting, just untie, adjust and retie a knot. When done all bridle lines were slack and the kite looked ready to fly.

By the way, I guess each of the legs B were approximately 6cm longer, 12 cm in total that is.

In the evening I had some time flying and WOW! What a change!

With its softer LE and modified bridle it flew like never before! The skittyness was gone and its belly was catching the air and giving it the ooomph! I could fly it to the very ends of the window and still have that ooomph rather than kind of collapsing and falling out of the air (like it could do with its original framing and bridle).

This feels really good
This feels really good

And the axels…! Jeeeeezzzz! They come by themselves! And when you set them up correctly they can be super flat, super smooth and super slow. I also pulled off a few … cascades(?) You know alternating the axel rotations left, right, left, right. Almost like you would do a cascade with a duallie!

Nuff said. Here’s a short video of the test flight. Nothing special, just getting the feel for the revamped kite that now flies really well!

Now we’re Talking!

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