Today I’ve done som minor revamps to the site.Here’s more on the revamps.
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I’ve done a few tweaks to the AERIALIS Kites website. Some of them for improving readability others mere for … show off!

Here’s a quick round-up on what’s been going on.


I’ve done a few changes to the front page. First I put a darker background – for more contrast – on the “shortcuts” improving readability.

Improving readibility and adding a new background image
Improving readability and adding a new background image

In addition to the contrasting, I’ve added a new background image …as a placeholder for the new background video also added.

Background video
Background video

Finally I made a minor change to the navigation arrows for both the AERIALIS Kites and The Team sections on the front page making them more subtle. I found the old black arrows on light blue background were attracting too much attention … so … remedied!

More subtle navigation arrows
More subtle navigation arrows

Blog Post Pages

I’ve also done a few tweaks to the blog post pages. First I created a vertical contrasting bar to the post’s header block. Hopefully, the block stands out a little more with this tweak.

Contrasting vertical bar
Contrasting vertical bar

Then I changed the colour of the text in the blog posts. I made it darker to be more in contrast with the white background. At least for me, this tweak made the text more readable. Hopefully, it works the same way for you!

Darker and more contrasting text for improved readibility
Darker and more contrasting text for improved readability

Hopefully, these tweaks work for you as well and improve the overall design of the website.

Yes, I know the background video on the front page is consuming some memory, however, I’d like to keep it like that for some time while considering replacing it with something else. I don’t know yet.

But maybe you have a comment or two? Please do not hesitate to let me know!

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