This weekend has given me zero opportunities for kite flying. But … How about tomorrow?
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Well, I was occupied all day with domestic duties. First task of the day was to go and pick up a trailer load of firewood. After a fifty minutes drive I arrived at this farm in the middle of nowhere and had my trailer filled up.

Wow, that was a lot of firewood! ?

So i used all my knowledge on strapping (does that sound cheesy?) and after a while I was good to go. Kind of.

I used more than fifty minutes on the detour! But finally I arrived at home and backed the trailer in to the driveway and set it all up for … a manual unload!

Now that surely took some time too!

But after a couple of hours all the firewood was piled up down in my basement.

Then it was time for a bite and soon I found myself in the stable where I spent the rest of the day caring for the horses.

Yep, I slept well tonight!

But how about Sunday? I had no scheduled plans but the weather forecast didn’t look promising. No wind, a tad above freezing and heavy fog. A quick look out the bedroom window before I hit the sack revealed no wind, below zero and … no fog. I went to bed with my fingers crossed! ?

But all in vain ?

Another quick look out of the bedroom window in the morning and I could check all three….

✅ No wind

✅ +1°C

✅ Heavy fog

The weather forecast was spot on, unfortunately. And it was supposed to be just like that all day long. Something I can verify right now. Miserable out there.


The weather forecast for tomorrow looks kind of promising!

Now this weather forecast looks like flying
Now this weather forecast looks like flying

I also happen to leave work kind of early tomorrow and if I pack my stuff into the car today, I might get a couple of hours before it’s too dark out there!

Fingers crossed everybody! ?

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