It was an exceptionally warm November day with temperatures peaking at +15° and I had kites in the back of my car!
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Blokhus Denmark
June 2nd - 8th 2025

But first I had to do some stuff in the stable, like letting out the horses, mock a few horse boxes, replenishing their water and some more titbits. These things take time but just about one o’clock in the afternoon I was on my way to my flying destination of the day, Hestholmen.

The weather forecast was forecasting an abnormal November Saturday. Sunny, yes, that may happen on a November day, no wind, yes, that too. But temperatures reaching +15° is not expected in any way. A memory from three years ago popped up on my Facebook feed. In 2019 we had 40cm of snow this time of year!

Anyway, it was a great day for some light wind flying. I was hoping to capture myself flying from different angles so I brought several cameras to shoot some footage for the Virtual Windless Kite Festival 2023. My phone, one of my GoPro cameras and my Mavic Mini drone.

When I arrived at Hestholmen the wind wasn’t quite dead. There was a nice draft coming in from the sea and I started out flying one of my light wind quads. But after a while, the wind died down and it was time to bring out that 3m line set and a no-wind duallie, the Sweety, a really nice, little indoor/no-wind kite by German Drachenkiste.

I started to fly and soon I had the drone in the air too. But it was quite difficult to fly the Sweety. There was this draft, just a whisper of wind, but it kept changing its direction all the time making things challenging. I had to try ‘feeling’ the wind direction and adapt to it while flying. Not the easiest of tasks and this combined with a ‘field’ with stones scattered around I had to be a bit careful too so I didn’t stumble over any of them. Thankfully I managed to avoid that.

But despite some difficulties, I managed to do a lot of flying and ended up with enough footage to create this little video! I hope you’ll like it!

Lo’ Wind Saturday!

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