Kites, Drones, Coffee and Cold Temperatures
My original plan was to get up early on the Saturday and go and fly some kites. But based on the weather forecast for the weekend, I opted for the Sunday instead.
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The Saturday would have been good for flying too, but like said, Sunday was my preferred option. And I did get up early in the morning. It was pitch black when I entered the caravan outside my house and picked up the rucksack with all the required gadgets. You know, cameras, tripods, drones, batteries, coffee and whatnot. The kite bag was already sitting in the back of my car and off I went.

At the time I parked the car the daylight had arrived and it looked like it was gonna be a great day for flying. But much colder than I’d anticipated though. Was I dressed for the chilly temperatures? Well, just one way to find out. So I put on the rucksack and threw the kite bag over my shoulder and started walking those ten minutes down to the beach.

Brrrrrr! It was frecking cold! …and a bit more windy than forecasted too. Thankfully I had a thermos full of hot coffee so at least I had something to keep me warm.

Before I got down on the beach I fired up the Staaker and had it follow me – while filming – the last bit all the way down to the water and then the little walk up (or was it down?) the beach. The flight went fine and when I got to the spot on the beach where I wanted to fly I landed the Staaker on a safe spot.

All right, I opted for the yellow semi vented DIY QLK of mine and warmed up a little in the cold winds.

The Yellow One
The Yellow One

Wow, perfect kite for the current conditions! ?

So i did a lot more flying than just the warm up. I played with the wind, with the water, with the sand and generally had a really great time!

Let’s Fly Some Kites!

…and then I was ready to fly the Staaker again. With a fully charged battery I soon had it up in the air while filming me and my flying. Well, at least so I thought, but when I brought it down some twenty minutes later, I found that the GoPro had let me down. ? The screen had frozen and I had captured some twenty minutes of the sound of the propellers.


Well, I opted for Plan B, the Mavic Mini with its somewhat limited tracking features. The mini struggled somewhat in the medium winds but I got the footage and after two batteries, my hands were so cold it was close to impossible to fly the drone any longer.

I decided to call it a day, packed all of my gear and headed back to the car and finally home where I sat in front of the fireplace for an hour or so recovering from my mild hypothermia! ?

Anyway, despite the ten minutes or so GoPro footage down the drain, I still had a lot to choose from when putting together this little video!

(Cold) Sunday Morning

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