Another fascination about kite flying is kite aerial photography or KAP as it’s called. With a GoPro camera you can also do kite aerial videography!
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Since I bought a GoPro Hero 7 Black last year I’ve taken a stab at this Kite Aerial Videography thing. And actually, it’s pretty darn cool!

I’ve experimented with kite aerial videography … or let’s just call it KAV … using both my phone and my Sony camcorder. However, no matter how I modify my KAP…. sorry, KAV-rig, it seems to be too unstable in the air to get decently stable videos. Off course, in smoother winds, things are better, but I currently compared videos shot wit my phone and camcorder to videos shot with my GoPro with the HyperSmooth feature enabled, and the result is oh so much better!

That HyperSmooth feature really does a great job of stabilising the video and in my opinion well worth the extra cost for the Black edition … indeed!

Well, enough of that tech stuff. Let’s get back to the videography. I find it really interesting to experiment with KAV. You literally see things from a new angle and from up above details you never really noticed or did know about are revealed.

You know… What the shadows look like when seen from above, especially when the sun is sitting low. The bottom of the sea with its sandbanks, rocks, seaweed and what have you. The vegetation and not forgetting about the wonderful colours Mother Nature comes up with and a whole lot of other spectacularity!

Below you can take a look at a short KAV-compilation I put together today hopefully at least kind of visualising what I’m talking about!

Kite Aerial Videography

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