Hitting the Road!

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Wow! Guess what! I’m on the road again, heading for Gothenburg to pick up Anders and then off to a KITE FESTIVAL!

I haven’t been to a festival for more than two years, but now… now it was about to happen again. Down to Anders in Gothenburg, then the ferry across to Denmark, another 350 or so kilometres down to the Danish island of Rømø where we would stay for five days flying kites in … hopefully… perfect conditions.

My inside crowded with butterflies when jumping into my KiteMobile on that beautiful Tuesday afternoon, hitting the highway and heading for the Swedish border.

Hopefully there wouldn’t be any hassle crossing the border, you know, with these Covid restrictions and stuff, but being fully vaccinated I crossed my fingers for a smooth entry into Sweden.

How did it go you say? Just watch the video below to find out!

Hitting the Road!

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