Do You Want to Help Me Spread the Word about Kiting?
In these strange times I’ve been playing with a thought. I’d like to invite you all to share your best kite links to help me spread the word about kiting. Would you like to give me a hand?
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Blokhus Denmark
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In the midst of this Corona crisis, I do my best to keep up the spirit. Life changed dramatically a few weeks ago and I guess none of us knows when life will return to normal again. Or what the new “normal” is going to be like.

One thing I do is of course care for my family, go to work when called to keep at least some of the gears of the society turning, caring for the horses and a few other things. One of those “other” things are kiting. Surprised? No, I guessed not! So lately I have been playing with this little idea of mine.

I want to include another feature to the AERIALIS Kites website…

A Links Vault!

You know, a place to go when looking for information about … kites!

But for this, I will need your help! Yes, I do know about several kite related resources on the internet, but I’m pretty sure you know about a few more! So if you’d like to help me build up the links vault here at AERIALIS Kites, please don’t hesitate!

Click the button below and submit your link!

I’m working on a presentation of the links submitted, and as soon as I’ve gathered a few, I’ll make the presentation available for all!

So… Please keep ’em coming!

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  1. So you are not looking for kite propaganda videos? The headline “Do You Want to Help Me Spread the Word about Kiting?” led me into that direction. I immediately thought of couple of highlights here.

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