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But we're definitely gonna see some rain these coming days ... For sure!
Yeay! The days are now definitely getting longer and its once again still some daylight left when I leave work!
My original plan was to get up early on the Saturday and go and fly some kites. But based on the weather forecast for the weekend, I opted for the Sunday instead.
During the night the storm hit with its full force and, YES, it was windy! The morning after the sun was out and the wind not quite as stormy ... but....
A raging winter storm was forecasted, but somewhere on its way it got delayed.
My original plan was to do a bit of flying this weekend. But that was before the meteorologists updated the weather forecast!
After a hectic working week I could finally go flying again on the Saturday. But would it be wind...?
When the sun rises at 09.12 and sets at 15.16, daylight is scarce. Better fly it when you can. ☀️
I had it all worked out to a tee! Everything was ready, the conditions were great, I drove off to the field and opened my rucksack...
The weather forecast was promising, the temperature a bit below freezing and a very thin layer of snow trying to cover the ground.
Ok, you're on your way to buy some groceries. On the way to the shop you drive past a beach. The wind is onshore. You've got a pile of kites in the back of your car.
WOW!! It's more than a month since my last QLK post here on the AERIALIS Kites website. Gotta do something about that!

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