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Category: Quad Heads

Yesterday as the wind died down I took the A-Quad Ghost with its newly modified bridle for a quick spin. And now we're talking!
I'm a bit in doubt about which category I should put this post, Quad Heads or One Line Only. If you continue reading I guess you'll agree!
The Sunday weather was just awesome with a nice breeze coming in from the south and temperatures close to 20 degrees centigrade. Despite this, I had a beach almost to myself!
It was a perfect day to take the A-Quad Storm for yet another spin down by the water. Or... Well, that's what I thought...
I was a bit concerned when leaving the house. It was dead calm. There's usually at least some draft when I get to the water. But .... How about today?
As the sun slowly sank down towards the horizon and the wind gradually eased off I put in some really decent flying down on the beach!
Have you ever had that feeling? You know ... When does everything just fall into place?
On Rømø in September last year, I flew a prototype of the A-Quad Storm. Yesterday I did it again, but this time using my Storm!
Today I returned to the very same location I went to yesterday. With one major difference though. Today the gimbal of my drone was working!
I had a really good plan for this Saturday morning. Fly kites and shoot footage using the drone. But then something happened...
It was Easter Evening and I had a few hours to spare. I dressed up for the windy, sunny and cold weather and hit the beach!
I had a quick look through of the footage I shot last weekend and I found a few leftovers too good to be left out!

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