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Category: Quad Heads

"Off the Ground" is the title of the soundtrack in my latest video. And it's the title of this blog post too!
Finally I found the occasion to install the activators to the bridle of my A-Quad Hardcore. Next thing to do was to fly it!
There are a handful of days when everything turns out just perfect. No, they're not coming in an abundance, but some days.....
After having played with my large Rokkaku in the light winds for some time, it was time for some more flying. It was time for the Zaephay!
No, I didn't go for a swim like the featured image might indicate, but I found out the GoPro is waterproof!
When the wind decided to settle, it got really buttery, consistent in both direction and speed!
After having experimented with faking a drone shot with my KAP-gear, it was still time - and wind - for some more flying!
And wow did we get enough wind? Yes, more than enough I'd say, but the Skiron can take it!
Some time ago I created an Axel tutorial. I've thought about doing an update on that tutorial. But now I don't have to thanks to Jeremy Wharton! 🙂
You might remember a handful of posts about the frozen lake. The lake is still there but it's not frozen anymore.
I was out to fly and shoot for another tutorial. The weather wasn't that good, but the wind was fabulous!
Yesterday I was out looking for wind and then something very scary happened. Do you dare to continue?

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