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Category: Quad Heads

Anders has been out flying the A-Quad Storm, a brilliant quad lined kite for those really blustery days,
The day started out with heavy rain showers and a trip to the veterinary with two of our horses. But during the day the rain ceased and eventually the sun came out. ...and the wind!
That way I always have them at hand should I have the time and the place and occasion to fly. You know... Just park the car, get out and fly some kites!
With the Firebird sitting high in the sky, I pulled out a triple vented quad line kite for some quad kite fun by the sea!
I'm not the only one enjoying the summer. The parking by the beach was packed with cars on my arrival so I had to find another place to park the car. It was worth it!
Yes! It's summer vacation! Three weeks off from work and plenty of time for other things. Like beach flying on a Sunday morning!
It had been raining on and off all day long, but in the evening things improved. The rain ceased and there was wind and I could go flying!
This kite was initially meant for the gale force days of October and November. But yesterday brought high winds too. Not quite gale force but sufficient to go out and give the Minimalistic a spin!
When you live far up north as I do, you know you have to cherish the days of summer. Because within a blink of the eye, they can turn into rain and cold temperatures.
Ahhhhh! What more to say? Today is summer and I'm in the water flying kites. Does it get any better?
When I arrived on the beach there was absolutely no wind, I mean it was dead calm. I pulled a zero wind out of the bag and started to fly and then BANG!- within a split second - the wind hit at 8ms!
The night was all about rain, but in the morning the rain ceased and the wind picked up. And I thought I could see some blue sky over there at the horizon!

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