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With temperatures hovering around +30°C and light winds from the south, I was ready for some hot weather lo' wind flying is a sharing space dedicated to 4 line sport kites and they have just launched their brand new website!
Later that day the wind turned to south and picked up so I was allowed to go flying once again in that beautiful summer evening!
I've seen it performed with Revolution Reflex Tarantulas, but I never thought that my Zaephay could do it!
After having completed a handful of KAP sessions lately, today I was back to quad kites again.
With a large grassy field and some turbulent wind at my disposal, I was in for a Hardcore Freestyle Workout!
On Saturday I had an errand in the neighbouring town of Fredrikstad and I found myself a new place to play!
From really high winds flying the A-Quad Storm on Friday to almost no wind conditions on Saturday. No worries, fly an A-Quad Ghost!
And windy it was, so a perfect evening to take the A-Quad Storm out for a quick spin!
Now with its tweaked bridle, the Ghost is fun to fly again. And yesterday was no exception!
Yesterday as the wind died down I took the A-Quad Ghost with its newly modified bridle for a quick spin. And now we're talking!
I'm a bit in doubt about which category I should put this post, Quad Heads or One Line Only. If you continue reading I guess you'll agree!
The Sunday weather was just awesome with a nice breeze coming in from the south and temperatures close to 20 degrees centigrade. Despite this, I had a beach almost to myself!
It was a perfect day to take the A-Quad Storm for yet another spin down by the water. Or... Well, that's what I thought...
I was a bit concerned when leaving the house. It was dead calm. There's usually at least some draft when I get to the water. But .... How about today?

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