The quest is going on. Is it possible to ‘convert’ a dual lined kite to be flown using FOUR lines? Let’s try a new approach.
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In a previous post here at the AERIALIS Kites’ website, I dug out an old WSO Standard, removed its bridle and set up a new one…bridle that is.

With a bit of field tweaking I managed to fly it, but there still were some issues waiting to be taken care of. I kind of remembered a drawing somewhere that described how to convert a dual lined bridle to a quad lined bridle. But… I could not quite remember where I’d seen that drawing.

Until one day I suddenly got an idea where to look. “The Magnificent Book of Kites” by Maxwell Eden.

The Magnificent Book of Kites by Maxwell Eden
The Magnificent Book of Kites

And there it was! On page 425!

Converting a dual lined bridle to a quad lined one

So i made four ‘pigtails’ and used a prussik knot to tie them onto the bridle legs; no modifications required for the original dual lined bridle. So with that setup installed, I attached my 10m quad lined set to the duallie, rested it on its wing tips and I was ready to launch!

Not to bad on the first try and with some bridle tweaks it looked like this!

A Quad Lined Dual Lined Kite!

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