Yeah, I could really use a little bit of fresh air. Because these truoubled times of ours, is starting to take it’s toll now.
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Like I say in my vlog of March 16th, it’s starting to take its toll. We’re headfirst into our third lockdown because this bloody Covid virus in different mutations is spreading like hell and is kind of out of control. And unlike for the first ‘wave’, kids are much more prone to catch it. …and not showing many symptoms. Now that’s a challenge for the people working with children, like me.

You know, working with children…. Hugging, laughing, talking, coughing, sneezing, crying right into your face, no precautions, no social distancing, no facemasks…. It’s starting to become quite mentally demanding getting up in the morning knowing you’re about to face this eight hours a day. Not quite russian roulette yet, but anyway…

Yeah, it’s taking it’s toll!

That’s why I need my daily dose of fresh air disconnecting from the world. Entering that bubble of mine and connect with the elements. Fueling my soul for a couple of hours.

Light winds from a north by north easterly directions and I had a hunch the beach at Gullholmsundet could be a useful spot to air some icarex. Slightly overcast but when I got to the beach tiny spots of blue sky were visible up there. And, yes, the winds were light. I’d say 1m/s give or take, but that’s perfect for my Zaephay!

So it didn’t take long until the Zaephay was gliding smoothly in the light winds. The perfect kite for the conditions.

I had music in my ears too, music matching the conditions perfectly. Songs by Swedish artist Daniel Norgren.

I rarely do this, using non-copyrighted music in my videos. Usually I download free-to-go music from the YouTube library or use the royalty free music that comes with Kinemaster. But this time there is an exception. I found Daniel Nordgren’s music matching the conditions, my mood and my flying so well, I just had to use a couple of them as soundtrack for my two videos below.

Click “play” and welcome to my bubble!

Putting my Tomorrows Behind
Moments of Bliss

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