All right, The wind died down completely so I chucked Plan A into the bin. But how about Plan B?
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Blokhus Denmark
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When I left home I checked a couple of the online weather stations and the wind was clocked in at about 2-4m/sec (4,5-9mph) from the south by south-east direction. So based on this information I decided to go to Teibern Beach a mere fifteen minutes drive away.

This beach is very well exposed to winds in this direction and based on the wind speed, I planned on flying one of these kites:

The A-Quad standard the most likely kite to use, but should the wind be more like in the 4’ish (m/sec) area, the Black Edge – which have a few small vents – or even the A-Quad Semi Vented. Well, at least that was Plan A.

But when I got closer to the beach there were several signs of a dying wind and when I parked the car it was suspiciously calm. But the parking was surrounded by trees so I hoped that there still was a light draft down on the beach.

…and it was, but it was very light and it seemed like it was dying down to a complete still. So none of the kites listed below was of any use in the current conditions. So I opted for the Zaephay instead. But after a few minutes, I found that it was too much work to fly the Zaephay too given the current conditions.

So… Over to Plan B!

When you have a car full of kites, Plan B is no problem. So I packed up my quads and headed for the car for a change of kites. I opted for a couple of indoor duallies; the Feather and the Sweety.

Back to the beach again and I decided to fly the Feather in pretty windless conditions while the sun was setting. And that kite never lets me down when it comes to light wind or no wind flying. Today was no exception; the Feather performed!

So why not take a look at the video?!

Windless on the Beach

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