Windless Kites Virtual Festival 2024
Oh yes! There will be a Windless Kite Virtual Festival this year too, on April 13th!
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Here’s a quote from the Facebook group:

“…Windless Kite Virtual Festival 2024
At this event we will share the artistry of no wind kite flying and we will feature fliers from all over the world. 2024 Windless is going to be a celebration of no wind, indoor and urban kite flying featuring you! We invite you all to join us for the 2024 Windless Virtual Kite Festival on April 13, 2024!

How will it work?
The event will take place online. The link will be posted shortly before the event on SATURDAY APRIL 13, 2024!

The event will begin at 11:00 AM (Pacific Time) with videos featuring you, and some live chat discussions.

Admission is free.

How to Participate:
Make A VIDEO: Using your phone, camera, or your own creative method, create a video in LANDSCAPE FORMAT that is 2-4 minutes long of your Windless Kite flying. Pick a song that “moves” you, your favorite no wind or low wind kite and be creative in your space (wherever that may be). Because this is the Windless Kite Festival aim for a NO Wind or LOW Wind space or day to do your video.

Don’t Fly? We invite you to join us and be taken in by the beauty, creativity, and the wonder of this unique sport of NO Wind Kite Flying! Share the group with your friends and family and invite them too! Kite fliers love to share their talents and put on a show, and we appreciate your participation!

All videos will be created exclusively for this event.
Videos should be a 2-4 minute long mp4. We cannot accept videos less than 2 minutes or edit your clips together. You are welcome to edit clips and then submit your video. Please include your name in the video title. Your sound is what will be used. We will be making slight/zero edits to the videos.

ALL Videos MUST BE IN LANDSCAPE Format. If you are using your phone, turn it sideways so it fills your screen BEFORE you start your video. If you need a lesson in how to do this, reach out to one of the Float Team members and we would be happy to assist you but do this BEFORE you go out to video as we cannot fix it afterwards. 🙂
Remember your phone should be in this configuration:
<———————–> before you begin filming.

Your video should feature you, your kite, and your artistry. Be creative, have fun. Shorter lines make it easier to fly in Zero and light wind and will allow your video to feature you and your kite within the frame.

Have a good music source: Use a speaker or edit your music into your video.

We will use the FIRST video you submit so be sure it’s the one you like!

Videos will be accepted now through April 6, 2024 via Dropbox.

Here’s the link to submit your video.


So grab you Kites, find a Windless location, set up your camera and FLY!

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