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Then Marco Came Along, and We Were Four!

All of a sudden Marco showed up and we started talking. It all ended with all four of us flying together, AERIALIS Team Flyers + one!
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June 3rd - June 6th
May 30th - June 5th
Days to go!
...and we're off!

If you have the most important dual lined flying skills down, doing some basic team flying is not too difficult. And if you have done your fair share of team flying previously too, it’s even more fun!

So it all ended up with Marco flying with us for a couple of hours!

He hadn’t brought any of his dual lined kites over to our spot on the beach, but that was never considered a problem. You know, with access to an unlimited number of Nirvanas, well, perhaps quite not so, but pretty close, all we had to do was to pull another UL Nirvana out of someone’s kite bag. It happened to be Anders’ and soon there were four Nirvanas up there. A blue on on the flanks and an orange and yellow one in the center.

The wind was absolutely amazing! Clocking in at about 2m/sec, smooth as glass making the conditions absolutely perfect. You don’t live those Zen moments very often, but on this Thursday we had hours of fantastic wind! …and flying was like on rails!

Despite being quite new to the team setup, Marco blended in nicely and soon the flying looked really good. So good that we decided to set up the video camera on a tripod to capture it all!

And here is what it looked like after some editing!

Then Marco came along for some team flying!

see you there!

June 3rd - June 6th
May 30th - June 5th
Days to go!
...and we're off!
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