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The AERIALIS Team Flyers!

This is really what it all boils down to. Get together with the other guys in the team. To meet again, hang together and off course, fly together again!
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June 3rd - June 6th
May 30th - June 5th
Hours to go!
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Way back in March, I think it was, we had clear indications that the Blokhus and Løkken Wind Festival once again was going to be cancelled due to Covid restrictions. So we met for a chat on Messenger talking about what to do about the Nordic Kite Meeting. Back then we were still facing pretty heavy travel restrictions too so we made a decision. We postponed the NKM until the first week of September hoping it would be possible to travel.

Why the first week of September you may ask. Well, that week culminates with the big Rømø Kite Festival. Not the worst place to be for kite nerds like us!

During the summer, all three of us planning to go, Farid, Anders and myself, got fully vaccinated making travel a lot easier. And counting down the days until departure crossing our fingers for a smooth journey, we all met at Rømø like we decided when chatting way back in March.

We hadn’t been together for more than two years and all of us was sooo keen on meeting again and do a lot of team flying. Yes, we sure do love flying by ourselves too, and that’s where we build the majority of our flying skills, but getting together and fly like a team… Wow, that surely adds another dimension to the flying.

Team flying is intentional flying, you have to focus so much harder to do the things you have to do rather than “go with the flow” and do whatever the kite “tells” you to do. No, when flying in a team, you really have to fly your kite. You need to focus on several things like remembering the different elements that build up the routine, make sure your kite is in the right position at the right time all the time, concentrate on the spacing of the kites, to cut a long story short, you must prepare the flying. And when you get it right, it’s really satisfactory!

This said it should come as no surprise that we did a LOT of team flying in Rømø!

And we don’t limit our flying to one type of kite only. No, we fly both dual lined kites and quad lined kites and we also experiment using both types of kites in the same routine! Now, that’s pretty cool! Those two types of kites have some characteristics in common, but they’re also very different in some areas. That makes combining the types in a routine is kind of challenging and also very satisfying when you get things right.

We were invited to do display shows at the Rømø Kite Festival and the organisers had provided us with our own playground in the middle of the festival area. A nice 75 x 75 meter square all for ourselves, so we flew there consistently for two days; Saturday and Sunday. And based on the feedback from the organisers they were very happy with our performance and so was the audience!

In the videos below you can check out some of our team flying. You can see both the duals and the quads in action and also a glimpse of when we’re combining the two types of kites into one routine.

Please enjoy!

The AERIALIS Team Flyers Flying Dual Lined Kites
The AERIALIS Team Flyers Flying Quad Lined Kites
The AERIALIS Team Flyers Combining Dual and Quad Lined Kites

see you there!

June 3rd - June 6th
May 30th - June 5th
Hours to go!
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