Here’s a guy that’ll do them flatter than pancakes!
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Blokhus Denmark
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I’ve been fortunate enough to have had the privilege and pleasure to fly with him a few times and he is an inspiration for me – both as a kite flyer and as a person – both on and off the field.

In the video below, you’ll see him tossing out the flattest of axels and they come in abundance!

If you hang on to the end of the video, John will share a flying tip or two with you as well.

John B is shaking it out!

2 Responses

  1. Nice video, however it stops playing at 0:41 in my browser/player and I need to move forward a couple of seconds to make it play again not to miss the tutorial part. Not only a nice video – it is actually food for the thought as well.

    First when seeing the high pace and the wavelets/ripples I thought that the wind couldn’t be that low, so it was quite surprising when he at 00:58 just pulled a 360 on a jetty! OK, mental note, add to the QLK project for the next couple of years: high pace training and axels.

    Hmm.. About using the back and feet for control and not so much the arms. Isn’t using the back and shoulders along with a relaxed style (talking movement of the pilot here not the kite) like a hallmark of Barresi? For the kite itself I’d say it is the high paced movements compared to much other quad piloting.

    When thinking of my own piloting I’m quite satisfied with the movement of my feet in low wind, but the back is more on the rigid side. I hope that my quite recently started indoor kiting (also using the Rev Indoor outdoors) will address this, since the kite is all around you. When e.g. doing an up and over you are required to propel the kite and in this process the upper body automatically gets more involved.

    That the upper body movement has been a bit limited for me is somewhat supported by the muscle soreness after the session that I could feel when initially starting with the Rev Indoor. “New” muscles in the upper body (including back) had been active, kind of like core training(?). Prior to that, the last kite related time I felt this were the first few sessions when starting with quads – Because the handles were not held in the same way as for dual line kites. The same thing goes with tennis after the summer break – a mild soreness after the first few sessions.

    I’ll try to think/be aware/be open minded about the back/shoulders as well, especially in low wind, and to some extent more ”lock my arms in front of me” (in addition to my usual general mantra: feel the kite through the lines while thinking about the kite as a surface/wing). When thinking of it, there are other “hand/arm-activities” that doesn’t only involve the arm muscles: Chopping large chunks of wood for several hours can a bit surprisingly give give me soreness in the muscles around the belly when you really start swinging the axe from way behind. Hitting the ball in tennis always involves the whole body and not just the arms, – even when doing volleys.

    Another tennis/low wind QLKing parallel is the readiness to move. Be in ”movement mode” so that you don’t first need a ”wake up call” and then begin to move . Be prepared – If you run far to the side of the court to catch a tennis ball and open up an area on the other side, be ready to start moving in that direction before the opponent hits the ball – don’t wait! If you do an up and over followed by a 360 (with a QLK), decide at an early stage if you are doing a left or right 360 so that you can be well positioned and execute the left or right turn with a minimum of input (something I b.t.w. just trained on the sparsely used parking lot here like 5h ago and yes, since I haven’t been doing Indoor for so long time, it is by necessity newish stuff for me).

    1. Nice video, however, it stops playing at 0:41 in my browser/player…

      Hmmm…. That’s weird. Have you tried to open the video in Vimeo (app or browser)?

      Try to clear your computer’s cache also (ctrl+F5), that might help.

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