After having played with my large Rokkaku in the light winds for some time, it was time for some more flying. It was time for the Zaephay!
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Blokhus Denmark
June 2nd - 8th 2025

Nope, I had to give up keeping the Rokkaku in the air. The wind was too light for flying that kite without doing a lot of work from the ground. So I took it down and found the Zaephay instead. A light wind quad lined kite I’ve made myself! 🙂 I had a feeling it should be possible to fly it in these (very) light wind conditions.

I guess I wouldn’t even define it as “wind”, but rather air slightly moving, but just enough to keep the light wind kite Zaephay flying without too much work. Soon I found out that the conditions were perfect for downwind slides. You know, flying your kite as high as it gets before turning it and have it glide downwind – as long as it would go before picking up the lines again.

I challenged myself to see how far I could get the kite to glide; how much ground it was possible to gain. And it was quite a bit actually. I tried to keep the kite as flat as possible to squeeze the most out of each glide and barely guide the glide using microscopic input with the handles.

You can learn more about this kind of gliding – and gaining ground in light wind – in this tutorial and in the video below!

Zaephay Gliding

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