Hey! I discovered a pretty cool feature in my video app. The Slow Motion Mode … which makes for some cool shots!
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Blokhus Denmark
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I was actually playing around looking for another feature when I found the SloMo feature in my camera app. I did some experimenting and the result came out pretty interesting.

When you set your camera to record in slow motion mode, you get exactly that. Slow-motion! And it makes for some really cool scenes when flying. First of all you, of course, slow things down significantly. That means you can take a closer look at the details, and new details reveal themselves when things are slowed down.

You can also fly (very) close to the camera and really see all the dynamics of the kite in play. And that is really interesting!

You can see how the bridle lines play and work when flying. You can see how the sail is influenced by the wind and the pilot input. You can see how much the leading edge bends when tip stabbing. Which is more than just a little judging from the video below! (4:11)

Sometimes slow motions will reveal minor flaws in the sail and/or in the bridle. You can see the cool details of water drops slowly falling from the wingtip in a hover. You can see how the flying lines are working. You can see how the water’s “cut in half” when pulling off that perfect tip drag along the surface. You can see what really happens to the kite when dead stopping it in a full-speed power-dive. Yeah, the details become pretty clear!

Just like in the video below!

Slowing down the motion!

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