“The Phantom has become widely recognised as one of the most influential kites of its time. Popular with competition fliers and leisure fliers alike, it is predictable and precise in flight while remaining responsive and alert to user control.”
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The excerpt is quoted from the Benson Kites website and it sums up what’s this kite is all about.

“The Phantom dates back to 1989, and was first marketed by Benson Kites, then by:“Highflyers, “Benson Kites”, “Fizz Sports Kites” and finally “Benson Kites” again.

The modern Phantom can be traced back to Tim Benson’s work in 1994 and 1995, when he developed a revised Phantom alongside the “Box of Tricks”, “Reflex” and“Fusion” trick kites. The result was the Phantom Elite (nowadays again simply called the “Phantom”).

The kite was officially launched in May 1995. The “Fizz” brand was no longer used after August 1995, and the kite was manufactured and marketed under “Benson Kites.”

  • Source: Kite Notes by Peter Massey.

Thanks to Mirjam and Niels I now have a Fizz Phantom sitting down in my basement. A true stunt kite classic! And today I was so lucky to take it for a spin in the most excellent conditions. A somewhat chilly but sunny mid-October day with a nice breeze coming in from the sea. Absolutely magnificent!

I will be back with a more thorough ‘review’ of this kite and also (hopefully before the snow is coming) put it through the tests of my Stunt Kite Classics column, but for now, let’s just enjoy the video, shall we?

Pure Vintage Flying

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