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Quad Line flying takes IMO less stress on the pilot.

Like  I wrote in another blog post here at AERIALIS Kites, I find that quad line flying takes less strain on the pilot compared to dual line flying. Especially in the higher wind range.

However, you will also get a fair share of exercise flying quads as well. Here’s a small compilation of pilot action shot at the beach yesterday!

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  1. On the topic of body movement and QLK. To make one’s body work (including one’s legs) to an extent more than light to medium garden work, there are IMHO two not so surprising ways: low wind and high wind. I don’t use any of my framed QLKs to do much piloting where you need to fight the wind but then switch to vented to mind the kite (and preserve control of course). If I want some QLK flying and really fight the wind I use my Smithi Pro. Though its limited size , when I speed it up in non light winds I get all the pull and action I want (while in lighter winds getting *almost* some framed QLK like flying). I also remember my first months of regular framed QLK during the previous summer. Since the body pose is slightly different than for DLKing the first month gave some kind of sore muscles

    Then there are the (mostly soft) moves that feels good:

    In light wind – dive towards the ground flatten the kite out and sweep one arm out to make an 180 deg soft turn in a fluent way.
    Bicycle rotations – let your shoulders join into the movement. It kind of makes one relax.
    Tip pivots/ladder down – works better for me (and feels natural) when taking one step forward for each 180 deg tip pivot down (have yet to learn to synchronize the steps when going upwards).

    Though the last two items are to be considered work in progress I can say I prefer them with the ”redundant” moves added.

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