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Oooooohhh. Very windy. Wlll a vented REV do?

The wind was to calm down a bit during the day, but at the time I  left for the beach and some flying, I could see no signs of that to happen. So on arrival, it was very windy indeed.

Well, Just Fly I thought and dropped my kite bag to the ground unzipped the sipper and headed for a vented version of the REV. Today I wanted to fly on a “new” spot. Another small beach with a nice grassy field. Somewhat limited flying space so I went for the 25m lineset rather than the 32ish. It turned out to be a good choice.

I started flying and, yes, it WAS windy. But fun! I had to pay more attention to several aspects of flying hence the strong wind, but after some time I found my “rhythm” and managed to put in quite a bit of quality flying.

After some time the weather forecast kicked in. The wind started to drop and it was time for more fun. Like in the video below!

…just wait for it!

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  1. I have never seen a slow-mo of the flic flac – the sail getting temporarily wrinkled and the bridle kind of making a leap! Then a bizarre thought crossed my mind, during a most likely more crowded summer day, doing the same thing to the three tables (from 1:20 in the video) could be problematic and be considered to be highly annoying… 🙂

    1. Seeing a kite performing a trick very close up and in slow motion is always interesting. You really get to see how the kite is affected by the forces involved.

      Somewhere I have a photo of a vented Gemini flown in very high winds (15m/sec’is). It’s amazing to see how the LEs distort under the wind pressure without breaking.

      …and yes, most of the local beaches are unflyable on a decent summer day. Better wait for the fall!


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