November Low Sun Flying

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The weather forecast was promising, the temperature a bit below freezing and a very thin layer of snow trying to cover the ground.

It just sounded like perfect conditions to try out filming myself flying the Staaker drone while flying a kite!

I have had several ideas on how to use this follow-me drone for creating epic footage of kites and kite flying so I hit the beach with a clear plan today.

First i was gonna spend some time to shoot some B-roll footage or establishing shots if you like using the Staaker. I wanted to fly it up and down the beach for an introduction to the location. Next was to have the drone following me, first in Compass Mode and then in Circle Mode.

I got all the equipment set up and hit the launch button. The tracker counted down and soon the Staaker was in the air doing its stuff. I had it flying up and down the beach at different heights. Then I had it following me while I was walking up the beach. First in Compass Mode and then in Circle Mode. According to the screen of my phone it looked really good!

Then i put the drone down and found a really nice place to fly my A-Quad Semi Vented. The wind was coming in along the beach and the trees along the beach did make it somewhat turbulent at times, but the Semi Vented was up to the task.

So after twenty minutes of warming up it was time to get the Staaker up there again. I managed to film myself in several different modes, at different distances and heights and when I took a closer look at the footage, there were some really epic stuff in there!

So …. What more to say than it was a brilliant day on the beach and I’m soooo satisfied with the drone footage! This Staaker is a magnificent tool for creating even better kite videos … and having tons of fun!

Here’s a taste of today’s action!

November Low Sun Flying

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