Nirvana WW

The Nirvana WW (Without Wind) is an agile kite, perfect, for solo or team flying in low or no wind conditions.

Getting to grips with the Nirvana WW

, by sven arnesen

The Nirvana WW and trickability

The Axel

Axels are super slow ... if you give the kite enough slack/time to complete the rotation. The better you set it up, the flatter the axel will become.

The Fade

Given good winds, the Nirvana WW will lock into the fade and sit there for ages. Very little tending is required. Easily entered from an axel (to fade) and if you make sure to allow for enough slack in the lines pancake to fade is pretty darn easy too. A cool variation is to put the kite belly down/nose away on the ground and pop it into a rising fade!

The Flic Flac

This one is a little harder to perform. Hence its light weight and low inertia you will need to give the kite enough time/slack to complete the transitions. It also tends to lose some height going from the pancake to the fade position. (Can be remedied by letting the fade rise a little.)

The Side Slide

Whoah! The King of side slides! In good wind conditions, the kite will slide from one side of the wind window to the other!

The 540 Flatspin

Despite its light weight, the Nirvana WW can do quite snappy 540'ies. Suuper slow and smooth ones too, but remember to set it up correctly and allow for the kite to complete the full rotation.

The Backflip

Not the best trick for this kite, but it's accessible. I find the backflip is better performed by kind of exaggerate the input and give plenty of slack to allow for the lateral rotation. When in the backflipped position, the kite sits nicely. I have found it easier to exit the backflip pulling one line - like starting a lazy susan - but half way through the rotation (nose away) pulling on both lines will have the kite back flying in 99 of 100 attempts.

The Nirvana WW and precision flying

Precision Flying

The Nirvana WW is capable of pretty decent precision flying. Depending on the wind you make snappy snap turns using your wrists only In more winds body language is required. Trajectories are nice and straight and only minor input is required.

Speed Control

Being a no/low wind kite with more than average presicion capacity, speed control is good. In very light winds the kite is more guided than flown and moving about on the ground is more than enough to control the kite's speed.

The hard facts

My Nirvana WW
MY Nirvana WW
Kite Type
Indoor or Low wind kite
235 cm
97 cm
190 grams

Nirvana WW

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The Nirvana WW (Without Wind) is an agile kite, perfect, for solo or team flying in low or no wind conditions.


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