Never Been to a Kite Festival You Say?
Well, then this one is for you! And if you have then this one is for you too!
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The 27th Nordic Kite Meeting
Blokhus Denmark
June 2nd - 8th 2025
Blokhus Wind Festival
Blokhus Denmark
June 2nd - 8th 2025

Let’s get this right from the start: Kite festivals are FUN!

And when the weather turns out nice too with sunshine and smooth, onshore winds, life is good!

Arriving on a Wednesday morning and leaving on a Sunday evening makes for many days on the beach with a lot of fun and flying kites. Below you’ll find a video to get you warmed up. And if you should have the opportunity to go to one, well, just make it happen!

Warming you up for a Kite Festival!

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See you at the 26th
Nordic Kite Meeting!

Blokhus, Denmark

May 13th - 19th, 2023

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