Lakeside – Going Back Home in the Evening
With 23.000 steps logged, I decided to add a few more on my way home from the stables. I was going to give my Urban Ninja a spin by the lake.
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It’d been a long day with lots of walking, hence I was logging 23.000 steps in the evening. By flying the Urban Ninja by the lake on my way home from the stables, I would surely add a few more. Steps I mean!

On my way back home, there is this lake and a truck stop. So I stopped at the parking, grabbed my tripod, GoPro camera, a spool of flying line and the Urban Ninja and walked the hundred meters or so down to the water.

The wind had died down to almost zero. There was a barely noticeable draft coming in from the water but no worries. Very much flyable… or should I rather say ‘glideable’?

Well, I guess that if a picture says more than a thousand words, I’ll just shut up and let the video do the rest of the talking!

Lakeside gliding!

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