Have you ever wondered what your kite really looks like when dancing up there in the air? Well, I think I’ve got the answer!
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It’s not that hard to find out actually. And there are three ways…

First you could off course lie on the ground and have your friend fly your (or his/her) kite as close to your face as possible. For obvious reasons, things can go wrong with this approach! Like … In . Your . Face!

Another way of taking a closer look at the kite is to try dog stake flying. This way you can really get your kite up close. However, the last time I gave dog stake flying a go, I was much too concentrated on flying rather than watch the details of that kite flying into my face.

Nope, in my opinion, the best way is to dig out your mobile phone (or camera), put it on a tripod and tilt it upwards. Then you just fly your kite above it!

Go as close as you dear and you’ll be rewarded with quite a few really cool close up footage which clearly will show you the details of a flying kite.

Just like in the video below!

The Kite Up Close
In . Your . Face

2 Responses

  1. Well there is a fourth way of getting the kite in your face… a failed catch. 🙂 However what is learned from such and event is quite limited in scope and possibly painful.

    The parts of an extreme close up as this that I’m extra curious about are quick moves that are difficult to follow like axels and flic flacs (which also coincides with my own limitations and what I have started to deal with). Another thing could be the transition of the initialization of the forward movement to the uniform forward flight (with optimum brake to maximize pull) in light wind

    Is it theoretically possible to go any further than this visually? That would perhaps be to use smoke to visualize flow? Do an image search of “smoke visualisation of flow” in a search engine to get the idea. OK, in reality it is most likely too tricky to do.

  2. |quote|
    Well there is a fourth way of getting the kite in your face… a failed catch. ?

    Yup! Definitely been there! 😉

    …and talking about close-ups, I know some of John Barreisi’s/Kite Forge’s videos are sometimes taking a really close look at things, even in slow motion. Maybe there’s something to take a look at?


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