Illusion 2K

This is not a beginner kite. You will need skills, patience and determination to get the most out of it. But that’s what makes it fun, isn’t it?

Getting to grips with the Illusion 2K

, by sven arnesen

The Illusion 2K and trickability

The Axel

If set up correctly, and giving it lots of slack to avoid tip wraps, you will be rewarded with slow and floaty axels. If set up sloppily something is prone to go wrong.

The Fade

The Illy2K sits pretty solid in a fade. However touchy in bumpy winds. Fade entries are also somewhat delicate and the correct input is needed. It may take some time until you'll work it out.

The Flic Flac

This kite pivots quite well, but as for most of its trickability you need a correct input. When you get it right flic flacs are there indeed.

The Side Slide

This kite will slide all the way! Fly it towards the edge of the WW, do a downturn and release! Woah! The (heavy) kite lock into position and with minor input you can make it slide across to the other side!

The 540 Flatspin

Not bad, not bad! Yet again proper set up is required and you'll be rewarded with flat and floaty rotations. Make sure you give plenty of slack to prevent that long wingtip to catch a line.

The Backflip

Hmmmm..... It's there but difficult to achieve and even harder to exit. Give yourself time to experiment to find the sweet spots.

The Illusion 2K and precision flying

Precision Flying

By the time you’re ready to fly the Illusion, you’re already a skilled pilot, and you should be able to do pretty decent precision. The kite feels and is kind of flat, but you can adjust the inner standoffs to improve the kite's precision capabilities. It tends to oversteer so make sure you're prepared for that.

Speed Control

The kite speeds (significantly) when passing the power zone and it will require major pilot input to remedy. Less in lower winds and more in stronger winds off course. I find it's optimal wind range quite narrow.

The hard facts

My Illusion 2K
MY Illusion 2K
Kite Type
Freestyle kite
Prism Kites
218 cm
117 cm
268 grams

Illusion 2K

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This is not a beginner kite. You will need skills, patience and determination to get the most out of it. But that's what makes it fun, isn't it?


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