Many years ago a friend of mine was fixing two tiny MagLights to his dual line flying lines to light up the kites whilst flying. It didn’t quite work, but…
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Blokhus Denmark
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…could it work if changing the basics a little. Like flying a single lined kite and attaching a tiny headlamp to the single flying line rather than two bouncing MagLights?

Well, it was definitely worth a try so here’s my idea. Fix the headlamp to an eddy-cross using some electrical tape and a couple of zip ties. Then slide the lot onto a 6mm glass- or carbon fibre rod. Fix the eddy cross to the rod using a few rounds of that electrical tape again. And finally, tape the whole “rig” to a short line to be fixed between the bridle tow point and the flying line. (Photo soon!)

And so I did and made sure the headlamp pointed up at the kite so it would be lit up by the powerful light. Well, at least that was the plan!

Before I left for the beach, I took a quick look at the weather forecast to check out the wind conditions. Hmmm…. pretty light but maybe it was just enough to make that large Rokkaku of mine fly and lift the light rig. Well, it was worth a try.

So I hopped into the kite mobile and within a few minutes, I found myself on a little jetty setting up the Rok. The weather forecast was right. The wind was light, really light, and I doubted it being strong enough to fly the lot. But I completed the rigging and soon the kite was ready to fly very well lit up by that DIY light rig of mine!

After making the kite ready I also set up my GoPro. Off course I would like to have it all on video. Despite the dark conditions, the lit Rokkaku should be easy to capture.

Well, with everything set up and ready to go, I gave the flying line a tug and…. well, why not take a look at the video below to find out what happened?!

Rokkaku Night Flying

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