When I watched today’s footage I found that I had just what I needed to edit a tutorial!
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But perhaps a bit different compared to all the other tutorials out there on the ‘net.


. This tutorial is telling you all you need to know when you’re about to hit the flying field, maybe even for the very first time. What do I know? You’re about to get to know all you need to do before you launch your quad line. Everything from finding a flying field to attach your kite to the lines … and fly!

So what are you waiting for?! 😉

Get Ready to Fly – A Tutorial

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  1. A tutorial – that is “serious”. Spreading the word? Half a year ago I did a kind of general DLK/QLK kite presentation (a one time gig) for a group of people that were there to learn Swedish in a language cafe. If doing kite presentations on model aircraft clubs one would more likely get an audience more geared to control flying things, looking for open places and being used to maintain gear and perhaps build it.

    What is upper and lower when the kite is in the inverted position (as texted in the video) can be confusing and I hope I got it right. I’m instead used to connect the kite to the lines (with the LE resting on the ground and the top leaders of the handles around the kite stake) in the following way: start by connecting one line closest to the LE, then the rear one to the trailing edge side on the same side, then repeating the process on the other side. In this way the kite seeks to fly into the ground all the time and does not need to be held very much when connecting the lines (except if one is on ice when it suddenly can slide away from you sideways on the ice if not all lines are connected yet and almost reach the edge of the wind window).

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