I’ve seen it done several times and I thought why not trying it myself. I mean … what could possibly go wrong?
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Blokhus Denmark
June 2nd - 8th 2025

What I’m talking about you say?

Flying a quad lined kite using one hand only! A skill that comes pretty handy if you’ll have to walk with you kite some distance on the field, the beach or wherever you fly your kite.

Sometimes when walking you need to pay attention to the ground so you don’t trip over something and stumble. Then it’s definitely handy to be able to hold the kite in one hand while walking. That’s at least my opinion.


It’s good fun to fly this way too, you know, holding both handles in the same hand while trying to fly it around up there without loosing control.

So I held both handles chop stick like in my left hand, yes, I’m left handed, and launched the kite.

…and here’s a little video of it all!

4 Lines, 1 Hand!

Do you think I should make a tutorial on this?

Please let me know in the comments field below!

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