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Flying off the Jetty

Yesterday afternoon I had to leave the house for some domesic duties. When completed, I happened to drive by one of the local beaches...

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Hmmm….. You know…. My car is full of kites, lines and other flying stuff and I did have an hour or so on my hands. There was this light breeze coming in from the water and the sun was about to set. The daylight was going to be good enough for flying for a few more minutes.

Yeah, one thing leads to another and then I suddenly found myself on a small jetty sticking out in the water and with that nice breeze coming in almost perpendicular to this jetty. I was holding on to a pair of handles and at the other end of the flying lines, well, there was an A-Quad!

Better start flying to keep the kite out of the water!

Flying of the Jetty

2 Responses

  1. You know, I have a thing about (in the sense “like”) pulsed piloting (or distinct moves) as in 0:30. Now and then adding total stops or a turn between the pulses? OK not so easy here, I get that the wind is light and the space to move around is small, thus limiting “the pilot input power budget”.

    Throwing the kite over water (0:45)? – No way José! When on the pier on a narrow jetty or over water I become a 100% chicken pilot – no slack line stuff whatsoever. Have never piloted the Fulcrum (which “supposed to” be slack lined tricked) on a narrow jetty therefore (I know no pain – no gain…).

    1. > OK not so easy here, I get that the wind is light and the space to move around is small, thus limiting “the pilot input power budget”.

      No, the jetty is about 2,5meters wide leaving me with a very limited space for footwork I can off course move sideways but that’s definitely not the same as moving up or downwind. 👍

      > Throwing the kite over water (0:45)? – No way José!

      Hey, what can possibly go wrong?! 😉🤪

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