Fixing that Trailing Edge Tear

Fixing that Trailing Edge Tear

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The 26th Nordic Kite Meeting
Blokhus Denmark, May 13th - 19th 2024
One of the ATF Hardcore Vented kites got a significant tear in the trailing edge. Just begging to be fixed!

A super-vented kite like the ATF Hardcore Vented is meant to take a lot of beating. It’s meant to fly in really high winds and when flying in really high winds … well … things happen! I clearly remember the super-windy days in Denmark where we flew nothing but these ATF Hardcores and every night when back at our HQ, we had to go over all the kites and remedy all the tear and wear caused by the winds.

And for one of the three ATF Hardcores I brought up from the basement the other day, one of the repairs from way back when had to be taken a closer look at. The trailing edge had this large tear that we fixed with some mylar tape. But over the years the fabric fixed by the tape had once again come apart and could definitely use some dedicated TLC. So I got to it!

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…and then the kite could go back into the air!

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