Fixing and Flying an Old Eddy Kite
Yesterday I stumbled upon an old Eddy kite I made … it must be at least twenty years ago. It could use some TLC, but after a while it looked good for flying.
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I was busy doing some house cleaning down in the basement the other day when some blue ripstop caught my attention. What was that?

I took a closer look and dug out an old Eddy kite I remembered having made about twenty years ago. Judging from the look of it, it didn’t seem to have had much airtime but it still needed some TLC to fly again. So I brought it to the kitchen table for a closer inspection.

The seams at the lower spine pocket had come loose, the bowline was not the adjustable one and the bridle seemed kind of odd. The rest though looked almost like new. Well, no worries, this was easy to fix. I pulled out the old and trusted sewing machine and got the spine pocket back in good shape again. Then I adjusted both the bowline setup and the bridle and soon the kite looked flyable. ?

I looked out of the window and found the wind was blowing quite a bit so I immediately decided to go checking out the kite’s “flyability”. The wind was pretty strong when I got to the beach and launching the kite was easy as pie. I let out some fifteen meters of line and observed the kite flying somewhat out to the right.

I decided to put a tail on it to see if this would straighten things up and it sure did!

The twenty years or so old kite sat beautifully up there!

Twenty years young!

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