…unless you can characterise yourself a true and dedicated kite flying nerd!
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The 27th Nordic Kite Meeting
Blokhus Denmark
June 2nd - 8th 2025
Blokhus Wind Festival
Blokhus Denmark
June 2nd - 8th 2025

If you drop by the AERIALIS Kites website regularly, I guess you know I was out flying this weekend. Well, I didn’t have the time to go flying on Saturday, but on Sunday however. The conditions were great with mild temperatures, mostly sunny and a nice and stable onshore breeze. How could I not go flying on a day like that?!

As always I’d brought a few cameras to capture the flying and in the two videos below you can check out two sequences of about four and a half minutes each of uncut flying. No edits or cuts, just the complete footage from launch to landing.

Yes, definitely nerd stuff, but like said, if you’re not a kite nerd, don’t bother, but if you are … you’re welcome!

Don’t watch this video! – #1
Don’t watch this video! – #2

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