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Being at the Nordic Kite Meeting and the Blokhus Wind Festival makes for numerous occations to shoot great photos!
Everybody can join in. Grab your kite, get in line and ... Just Fly!
We started a tradition coming to Denmark to fly kites back in 1999. This year the AERIALIS Team Flyers were one of the main attractions at the Blokhus Wind Festival!
The festival Saturday brought summer to Blokhus and when the weather is like this, you don't wanna go home!
From really high winds flying the A-Quad Storm on Friday to almost no wind conditions on Saturday. No worries, fly an A-Quad Ghost!
In 1999 ... I think it was... Tim Benson and Andy Wardley released the Gemini, a kite that grew in to a game changer and a true stuntkite classic!
After three pretty blustery days we hit the weekend and the Saturday greeted us with SUMMER!
When the wind is howling you need to set up a proper Basecamp and line it with banners and all sorts of stuff!
Prior to the NKM22 Anders has been busy making us a brand new routine. Now it was time to give it a go!
Well, then this one is for you! And if you have then this one is for you too!
Sorry! I was too busy flying kites and not so busy updating the website or the SoMe channels, but wow! I do got a lot of stuff to share with you so stay tuned!
Just like last year I put all the videos about and from the Nordic Kite Meeting into one playlist at YouTube.

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