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On Rømø in September last year, I flew a prototype of the A-Quad Storm. Yesterday I did it again, but this time using my Storm!
Today I returned to the very same location I went to yesterday. With one major difference though. Today the gimbal of my drone was working!
I had a really good plan for this Saturday morning. Fly kites and shoot footage using the drone. But then something happened...
It was Easter Evening and I had a few hours to spare. I dressed up for the windy, sunny and cold weather and hit the beach!
I had a quick look through of the footage I shot last weekend and I found a few leftovers too good to be left out!
Flying in April should be nice and mild and in sunny weather. Well, yesterday was sunny allright, but mild? Nope!
Whoops! I forgot my tripod at home. But as long as you bring a drone you'll have no worries!
About this time of the year in 2011 the AERIALIS Team Flyers gathered for a quad kite building workshop.
Can you spot them? Picasso's ladies? ...or can you only see the beautiful artwork of a kite by kite maker Anders Matson?
The Thursday evening greeted me with sun from s clear blue sky and a light whisper of a wind coming in from the water. Perfect for flying the Zaephay!
One good thing about leaving work at 14:15 is that it gives you some hours of daylight to go fly a kite!
The rain was supposed to be pi**ing down and the gale-force wind on. But for some reason, the rain kept away until late in the evening. The wind however...!

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