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But… What About the Drone?

I had a really good plan for this Saturday morning. Fly kites and shoot footage using the drone. But then something happened...
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June 3rd - June 6th
May 30th - June 5th
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...and we're off!

Yeah, a really good plan if you ask me. I was going to this newfound flying location of mine and I had a bag full of kites and a drone to go! The wind was to come in from the North making for pretty decent conditions.

When I arrived at the spot everything looked great. The clouds were just about to give way to the sun and the northerly winds swept gently over the small and sandy beach. It seemed like the temperature was on the rise so I soon had to let go of the jacket.

I went for a double vented QLK and a 10m set of lines and got ready to fly. It didn’t take long until the wind died down making the 2 x vented not as useful as I thought it would be. No worries though. I could always go for another kite more useful in the dying winds, but rather than changing kites, I opted for some drone flying instead.

Using the new Maven Pilot app I had prepared a waypoint mission for this location and now I would like to give it a go! So I rigged the drone and took off. Up it went and I soon had it in the right location to start the waypoint mission. After only a few seconds into the mission, this beeping started and an error message appeared on the screen telling me something was wrong with the gimbal.

I brought the drone down and did a closer inspection of it and it seemed like the gimbal was stuck. I did some tinkering to try to fix it, but I didn’t succeed. Well, better bring the drone back home and dig a little deeper into it at the kitchen table.

By the time the wind had picked up a little again and I was ready for some more flying!

How About the Drone?

see you there!

June 3rd - June 6th
May 30th - June 5th
Days to go!
...and we're off!
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