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The Zen of No-wind Flying

Some years ago, Kjetil sat down at his sewing machine and made a few Urban Ninjas. I happened to get one of them.
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I had a great time and a perfect workout with the Feather. You know, when flying in (very close to) zero wind, you will need to “create” the wind yourself. Or rather create enough pressure in the sail for the kite to fly. You do this by moving around on the ground and by using your arms in addition. This will create the required pressure, and when you get the hang of it, you’re really dancing with your kite. And rather than flying it, I’d like to say you’re guiding your kite. Having it floating in the air.

All this moving around will make for a good workout for your body too. And if you continue to fly for a significant length of time, it’s really become a workout, having your heart rate raise and build up a sweat. Nice!

This also means – at least for me – that I get some kind of tired after a while. And what’s better than put the Feather at rest on the ground and pick up an Urban Ninja instead!?

Because when flying a single lined glider like the Urban Ninja, you fly it with a much more relaxed technique. Like its type implies – glider – this is what this kite excels at; gliding! And when the kite is gliding, no pilot impact is required. You just let it … well … glide! So I thought the time was right to do some gliding to get my heart rate back to normal again and find some Zen.

The Urban Ninja is at its very best when there’s absolutely no wind at all. Today there was this very, very, very light draft (0 to 1m/sec – 0-2mph) coming into the sea. Not quite optimal, but more than light enough for some nice and relaxed flying.

So, with my Feather resting happily (?) on the ground, I was in for a Zen Urban Ninja session!

Zen No-wind Flying

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