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Talking You Through It

Today I was in experimenting mode. I wondered if it's possible to mount the GoPro on my head, shoot some video and talk you through it.

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Because if the result of this is good, I’m definitely going to wear this setup while shooting footage for tutorials, maybe coupled with another stationary video camera on a tripod.

Well, let’s give it a try and see how things work out!

With the GoPro securely attached to the head mount I put it all on and turned on the camera. Then I opened the GoPro app on my phone and connected it to my camera. It didn’t take long until I could see what the GoPro was catching.

After a few tweaks to the camera I had it the correct angle and the kite pretty much in the centre of the screen. I tapped the REC-button on the screen of my phone and a beep from the GoPro confirming that it was recording.

Ok, watch the kite, fly and start talking … and try not to stumble over anything!

After some flying it was time to take a break and check out the footage. I can use my phone for this too so no need to take off the headband and the camera. The footage looked pretty good and it seemed like the audio wasn’t too bad either!

So I will definitely use this setup when shooting the footage for future tutorials. …and I have a feeling that this will be a great way of filming team flying too! ….when it’s ok to travel, cross borders and meet your kiting buddies from all over the world again!

Talking You Through It

2 Responses

  1. # About being mobile with the kite so that you can try different spots.

    I remember the time during the end of the nineties, when the only kite of interest I had was a HQ Jam Session. Getting to the large field (Gärdet ) by public transportation took minimum 40min so you had to work with what was available once you got there. This could often mean low wind practice and when moving around one *learnt-the-wind-conditions-of-that-field*. In almost all conditions there are almost always something that one can work on.

    Only having one kite with you gave you a sense freedom because it was few constraints in moving around to find suitable wind (well the road was there of course). When getting the second kite a HQ Maestrale (bought from Anders Matson b.t.w.) that liked somewhat more wind, I initially didn’t always bring it (if the wind didn’t dictate it was the obvious choice of course) just to remain more mobile. Hiding the kite in a corner of the field and hope for the best was and has always been totally out of the question. I always want to be able to see all kite gear that I have brought and never leave it unattended (goes for almost all places).

    1. Yes, flying one kite only has it advantages. You get to know it really well, find its strong points and weaknesses. What it’s like in high winds, low winds and good winds. 😉

      And.. You become a better pilot!

      Way back when the Gemini was my fave kite I flew that one kite only … well, at least to a 95%! I learned everything about that kite and I could fly in in almost all kind of conditions. After some time I got hold of an UL version of the Gem and I always brought those two kites to the field. Yes I got to know them pretty well.

      AFAICR Richard Debray (kind of pretty famous French pilot) flew one kite only during the Freestyle World Cup in France 2005, a standard Nirvana (with some personal tweaks). Solo, pairs, team,good winds, crap winds, strong winds, no winds…. It didn’t really matter. He … Just flew! 🤙

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