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Initial Flight, Video and Stuff

Like mentioned in my previous post, I promised you a quick fill in from the A-Wing's initial flight. Here it is!
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I didn’t get to fly it yesterday. Today however!

Despite being locked down, I don’t have to walk more than the thirteen steps from my front door and out into the street in front of my house to do the initial flight. Flying under the street lamps and on a street covered with that thin layer of hard-packed snow made it more than light enough to fly this little thingy!

Conditions…? Well, pretty darn cold and an unstable draft coming down the street changing from absolute nothing up to I’d say about 1,5 m/sec (4mph). Not the best conditions for gliding, but good enough for flying!

Sooooo fun!

With that little playful kite at the far end of the flying line surely made my day. Like said the conditions for smooth glides were far from optimal, but I got in a handful of promising ones nevertheless.

The A-Wing felt perhaps a little (too?) twitchy, but I have a handful of ideas up my sleeve how to remedy this. Mind you, we’re just talking version 0.1 yet! 😉 So there’s still a few tweaks to explore!

Anyway, for you hungry for the video … Here it is!

The A-Wing v.0.1 – Initial flight

Stay tuned for version 0.2 someday soon!

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