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Indoor Kite Flying 2000

In 2000 I invited Anders Matson and a few other kite enthusiasts to do some indoor flying. The national Norwegian Broadcasting Coorporation was invited too!

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And guess what, they accepted the invitation and I recently dug up a copy of what was broadcasted.

This video was broadcasted on the NRK main channel prime time on a Friday night back in the year 2000 and as you can see, I haven’t aged a day!

Sven Arnesen 2020
Sven Arnesen 2000

Neither have Anders M! 😉

Anders Matson
Anders Matson 2000

To see the broadcast, please click the button below!

Please note it’s all in Norwegian … and a little Swedish! 😉

2 Responses

  1. It been said that time is the greatest thief, but in this case the passage of time only made made me smile. Very nice video too – didn’t know that you were doing these things to this extent at the time.
    B.t.w. discovered the background “Sukiyaki” (Ue o Muite Arukou, ) song a few years ago during some semi random Youtube music surfing.
    Your kite was the HQ Feather, but what was Anders’ kite? The colours look a bit “Prismish”? Was the student eventually successful b.t.w?

    1. > Very nice video too

      Thank you! …or thank you to the NRK, they’re supposed to be professionals! 😉

      > didn’t know that you were doing these things to this extent at the time.

      Well, this was my first stab at indoor flying. …or… my second actually. The video was shot on a Sunday allowing me to practice all Saturday.

      In the following years we used to fly a handful of Sundays during the winter season In a local gym. So I’ve done my fair share of indoor flying. 👍

      Yes, I was flying a Feather (the one that I’m still flying). Anders is flying an HG Gieny (teal colour) and another indoor kite designed by Anders.

      > Was the student eventually successful b.t.w?

      Yes, from not being able to keep the kite in the air for more than a few seconds to doing 360’es and up-and-overs in one day! 👍

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