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Golden Rays of Sunshine

The southern winds were reasonably stable for being inland and the setting sun was painting the landscape with its golden rays. It was time to fly a kite or two!
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Within walking distance from the stable there are several large fields. You cannot fly there in the spring or in the summer. However, now the fields are harvested and offer some really good places to fly.

Yesterday I was doing some work in the stable and had an hour or so of doing nothing before I was to take the horses inside for the night. And guess what…! I had a few kites in my car! So I went over to one of the fields, grabbed two Rokkakus and some flying line and soon the kites flew steadily up there!

With only a short hour or so to sunset, the sun was already nearing the horizon and painted the land with its golden rays. The sky wasn’t all deep blue. A few clouds scattered up there spiced up the sky as made for some good video scenes in addition to the Rokkakus.

Some times people ask me why I fly kites. Well, I guess you can find an answer or two to that question in this video!

Golden Rays of Sunshine

2 Responses

  1. Some need a dog to go for a walk. Kites are more practical, when finished you put them in a corner (OK, we have two dogs that visits us daily with few exceptions so the dog supply takes care of itself so to say). Often a walk (in absence of a dog?) got a (standard?) destination/purpose that should be reached, a jetty, a certain distance or some place with a view to ”accomplish” something.

    In a sense a kiting session is the purpose of a trip or walk. Personally, I like the evolving skill part of kiting. It gives you something to take home (and pounder upon) from the session. I guess in a way that berries and mushrooms could serve that purpose, but that is highly seasonal.

    Also in other things I like the ”greedy” aspect of doing/learning and keeping the knowledge. Currently “got into” linseed oil (raw, boiled and turpentine) to paint parts of the house and protecting garden tools (wood and metal(!)). Another rather new interest is European style scything. Yes, it is totally possible to nerd and gather skill in this area as well. Got multiple blades (like kites that have different purposes), snaiths/handles (lengths like a long kite bag), peening_jig+peening_anvil+hammer+honing_stones (size, think kite stake) and create-a-small-meadow-part-of-the-garden (see, even the fields are there).

    You got large marshmallows in Norway.
    Also, it looks nice when the fading sun is illuminating the lower side of the rokkakus. How utterly relaxing everything looks.

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