March 5, 2021 04:46


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Category: Vlog

Here's another vlog of mine. Shot and edited on ... yes, you guessed it ... February 21st 2021!
Today I was in experimenting mode. I wondered if it's possible to mount the GoPro on my head, shoot some video and talk you through it.
With a pair of kite mittens and a Black Edge modified with a stiffer leading edge, I was ready to cease the beautiful day and do some flying!
I left work kind of early and with a sunny sky and decent winds I opted for an hour or so flying ... but...
As a video contribution to the VWKF2021 we were asked to shoot an interview. Then my 'twin brother' showed up with his camera!
It's always exciting when you're waiting for the postman to drop off a parcel on your doorstep. Pretty much like today!
This definitely defines me as a nerd. Going flying in the middle of the night, pitch-black conditions, -10°C and winds at about 10m/sec!
After several days with bad weather, today I woke up to a clear sky and a little bit of wind!
Strong winds, but also a big chance of rain. Could I squeeze some flying in-between the heavy showers?
I bet you know the feeling! When two hands are at least one hand short!
I've been following this parcel from the Swedish Santa on it's way to the final destinaton. Arrival today!
In another post I was addressing an issue to the Minimalistic kite, the one for extremely high winds. Here is how I fixed it!

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