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Category: AERIALIS Kites

Outside in my garden I keep my good, old caravan parked for most of the year. Here the other day I got this idea; why not make it into a vlogging studio?
After a hectic working week I could finally go flying again on the Saturday. But would it be wind...?
I drove my wife to work today and when the mission was completed, I had a couple of hours on my hands. What to do....?
Last night we got a nice dump of the white and fluffy stuff, but not so much it was unflyable. No,not at all!
All right, here we go again. December 31st and yet another New Year's Eve upon us.
After a few days of inactivity - from kites that is - it was time for me hitting the beach again!
With the winter solstice a couple of days behind us, Christmas is on our doorstep!
Lately I've prepared for a BIG cleanup over at the AERIALIS Kites' YouTube channel, that hopefully will lead to a more streamlined channel and ... some more subscribers and views! 😉
When the sun rises at 09.12 and sets at 15.16, daylight is scarce. Better fly it when you can. ☀️
I had it all worked out to a tee! Everything was ready, the conditions were great, I drove off to the field and opened my rucksack...
Some time ago I published a post about the The Virtual World Wide Windless Kite Festival 2022. Now I've started to work on the video!
While waiting for better wind conditions for shooting for the next tutorial, here's a quick run down on how I break things down.

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